Simpson Strong Tie MIU Medium Face-Mount I-Joist Hanger

The MIU hanger is designed for commercial, high-load and double I-joist applications without requiring web stiffeners. The MIU features positive-angle nailing (PAN) which minimizes splitting of the flanges while permitting time-saving nailing from a better angle. This face-mount hanger features speed prongs to temporarily position and secure the connector for easier and faster installation.

Key Features

  • Extra optional triangle holes for additional load
  • Models will normally accommodate a skew of up to 5°
  • MIU-series hangers are tested, load rated and code compliant


  • 16 gauge


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners. Verify that the header can take the required fasteners specified in the table. See General Connector Installation for more information.

Uplift Loads

  • Models have optional triangle joist nail holes for additional uplift. Properly attached web stiffeners are required.
  • MIU — add four additional 0.148″ x 1 1/2″ joist nails for a total uplift load of 975 lb.


MIU hangers cannot be modified. However, these models will normally accommodate a skew of up to 5°. For sloped joists up to 1/4:12 there is no reduction; between 1/4:12 and up to 1/2:12, tests show a 10% reduction in ultimate hanger strength. Local crushing of the bottom flange or excessive deflection may be limiting; check with joist manufacturer for specific limitations on bearing of this type.

ImageModel No.PriceQuantityAdd to CartWishlist ***
Model No.: MIU1.56/11Price: $12.92
Model No.: MIU1.56/9Price: $11.71
Model No.: MIU1.81/11Price: $15.28
Model No.: MIU1.81/14Price: $21.48
Model No.: MIU1.81/16Price: $27.43
Model No.: MIU1.81/18Price: $34.57
Model No.: MIU1.81/9Price: $14.11
Model No.: MIU2.1/11Price: $16.45
Model No.: MIU2.37/11Price: $15.59
Model No.: MIU2.37/14Price: $22.04
Model No.: MIU2.37/16Price: $28.10
Model No.: MIU2.37/18Price: $36.13
Model No.: MIU2.37/20Price: $44.14
Model No.: MIU2.37/9Price: $14.37
Model No.: MIU2.56/11Price: $15.59
Model No.: MIU2.56/14Price: $22.04
Model No.: MIU2.56/16Price: $28.10
Model No.: MIU2.56/18Price: $36.13
Model No.: MIU2.56/20Price: $44.14
Model No.: MIU2.56/9Price: $14.37
Model No.: MIU3.12/11Price: $15.87
Model No.: MIU3.12/9Price: $14.56
Model No.: MIU3.56/11Price: $15.87
Model No.: MIU3.56/14Price: $22.18
Model No.: MIU3.56/16Price: $28.10
Model No.: MIU3.56/18Price: $35.23
Model No.: MIU3.56/20Price: $45.04
Model No.: MIU3.56/9Price: $14.70
Model No.: MIU4.12/11Price: $17.33
Model No.: MIU4.12/14Price: $26.30
Model No.: MIU4.12/16Price: $32.33
Model No.: MIU4.12/9Price: $15.87
Model No.: MIU4.28/11Price: $17.33
Model No.: MIU4.28/14Price: $26.30
Model No.: MIU4.28/16Price: $32.33
Model No.: MIU4.28/9Price: $15.87
Model No.: MIU4.75/11Price: $17.95
Model No.: MIU4.75/14Price: $26.76
Model No.: MIU4.75/16Price: $29.73
Model No.: MIU4.75/18Price: $41.26
Model No.: MIU4.75/20Price: $49.94
Model No.: MIU4.75/9Price: $16.17
Model No.: MIU5.12/11Price: $18.80
Model No.: MIU5.12/14Price: $27.43
Model No.: MIU5.12/16Price: $35.45
Model No.: MIU5.12/18Price: $43.48
Model No.: MIU5.12/20Price: $53.06
Model No.: MIU5.12/7Price: $16.73
Model No.: MIU5.12/9Price: $17.06

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