Simpson Strong Tie HU Heavy Face-Mount Joist Hanger

The HU is designed for structures requiring additional strength and safety factors. Some models of this heavy-duty, face-mount hanger can be special ordered with a skewable seat and a seat that slopes as far as up to 45°.

Key Features

  • Added triangular holes on most models for additional load capacity
  • HU-series hangers are tested, load rated and code compliant


  • 14 gauge


  • Galvanized. Some products available in ZMAX® coating; see Corrosion Information.


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • Can be installed filling round holes only, or filling round and triangle holes for maximum values.
  • Joists sloped up to 1/4:12 achieve table loads.
  • For installations to masonry or concrete, see HU in masonry.
  • Can be welded to a steel member. Allowable loads are the lesser of the values in the hanger tables or the weld capacity — refer to technical bulletin HU/HUC Welded onto Steel Members (T-C-HUHUC-W).
  • When nailing into carrying member’s end grain, the allowable load is adjusted by a factor of 0.67.


  • For both flanges concealed, order HUC
  • The HU with widths equal to or greater than 3 9/16″ is available with the A flanges straight at table loads listed
  • See table-modifications table for available options and associated load capacities for HU hangers

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