Simpson Strong Tie CS Coiled Strap

The CS is a continuous utility strap designed to resist tension and uplift loads. This coiled strap can be cut to length on the job site and used in a single 2x stud or post application. The CS is ideal for many applications including resisting uplift in a floor-to-floor application and also resisting tension in a horizontal application.

Key Features

  • Available in shorter rolls for smaller projects
  • Used for roof uplift and shear wall overturning resistance
  • A cost-effective alternative to pre-cut straps


  • See table


  • Galvanized (G90); ZMAX®


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • Wood shrinkage after strap installation across horizontal wood members may cause strap to buckle outward.
  • Refer to the applicable code for minimum nail penetration and minimum wood edge and end distances.
  • The table shows the maximum allowable loads and the nails required to attain them. Fewer nails may be used; reduce the allowable load as shown in the General Notes for Straps and Ties.
  • For lap splice and alternative nailing information, see tables below.
  • The cut length of the strap shall be equal to twice the “End Length” noted in the table plus the clear span dimension.


  • CS straps are available in 25′ lengths; order CS14-R, CS16-R or CS20-R
  • For stainless steel, order CS16SS-R

ImageModel No.Roll LengthPriceQuantityAdd to CartWishlist ***
Model No.: CS14Roll Length: 100ftPrice: $133.86
Model No.: CS16Roll Length: 150ftPrice: $133.86
Model No.: CS18Roll Length: 200ftPrice: $117.42
Model No.: CS20Roll Length: 250ftPrice: $133.86
Model No.: CS22Roll Length: 300ftPrice: $133.86

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