RUST-OLEUM Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Gloss Spray


With the breakthrough Double Coverage Technology of Painter’s Touch® 2X Ultra Cover® Spray paint, your project could be done twice as fast with two times the coverage*. This let’s you get the job done faster so you can enjoy it sooner. With indoor and outdoor durability, you can rest assure your project will last. The smooth, gloss finish is available in a large variety of on-trend colors.

  • Premium general purpose spray paint
  • Ultimate coverage
  • Apply to a variety of surfaces – wood, plastic, metal and more
  • Any-angle spray system allows you to spray at any angle for those hard to reach areas
  • Comfort spray tips helps eliminate finger fatigue for those larger projects
  • Fast drying


Apply 2 or more light coats a few minutes apart. Spray in a steady back-and-forth motion. To prevent wrinkling, spray light coats within an hour, then let dry for 48 hours before applying a topcoat


  • 12 oz. Spray

ImageColorPriceQuantityAdd to CartWishlist ***
Color: AlmondPrice: $4.45
Color: Apple RedPrice: $4.45
Color: Berry PinkPrice: $4.45
Color: BlackPrice: $4.45
Color: Brilliant BluePrice: $4.45
Color: Candy PinkPrice: $4.45
Color: ChestnutPrice: $4.45
Color: Colonial RedPrice: $4.45
Color: CoralPrice: $4.45
Color: CranberryPrice: $4.45
Color: Dark GrayPrice: $4.45
Color: Deep BluePrice: $4.45
Color: Gloss GrapePrice: $4.45
Color: Gloss MarigoldPrice: $4.45
Color: Golden SunsetPrice: $4.45
Color: Hunter GreenPrice: $4.45
Color: IvoryPrice: $4.45
Color: Key LimePrice: $4.45
Color: KhakiPrice: $4.45
Color: Kona BrownPrice: $4.45
Color: Meadow GreenPrice: $4.45
Color: Modern MintPrice: $4.45
Color: Navajo WhitePrice: $4.45
Color: Navy BluePrice: $4.45
Color: Ocean MistPrice: $4.45
Color: Pink PeonyPrice: $4.45
Color: PurplePrice: $4.45
Color: Real OrangePrice: $4.45
Color: Sage GreenPrice: $4.45
Color: SeasidePrice: $4.45
Color: Solstice BluePrice: $4.45
Color: Spa BluePrice: $4.45
Color: Spring GreenPrice: $4.45
Color: Sun YellowPrice: $4.45
Color: Warm YellowPrice: $4.45
Color: WhitePrice: $4.45
Color: Winter GrayPrice: $4.45

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