Perma "R" Products WaterShed 8.0mil Non-Woven Building Wrap

WaterShed raises the bar for building wraps and moisture control. Ridding a wall assembly of liquid water and water vapor is what moisture management is all about. WaterShed does both with its built in drainage plane and breathability. Code compliant as a water resistive barrier, WaterShed provides optimum drainage efficiency with its unique multi-directional CLAF® mesh laminated to a non-perforated, breathable, film. The CLAF® mesh also adds greater tensile and tear resistance so the building wrap can stand up to the demands of the job site. And WaterShed’s translucency makes it easy to install. WaterShed has “got you covered” as a high performance moisture and air resistant drainage building wrap.

Air Resistance

Air infiltration is the greatest threat to poor thermal performance. Our building wrap works hard at reducing drafts, increasing comfort, and reducing energy loss. By wrapping your building in any of our products, you’re sealing gaps that may occur during construction.

Strong, Durable, & UV Protected

All of our building wraps exceed industry standards in strength and durability. Our wraps are rugged enough to stand up to wear and tear on any job site and when properly installed, will not blow off. As a bonus, our products are protected from damaging UV rays with built-in inhibitors

Ease of Installation

All of our building wraps have a level of translucency to improve wrap placement and installation. They also have the right amount of rigidity for even installs, yet will easily bend around corners.

Moisture Vapor Transmission

MVTR is one of the most important factors in the performance of building wraps. Perma “R” Products has made no exceptions in assuring our products perform well above the accepted standards. Using any of our building wraps will protect your building from moisture entrapment which could cause serious problems such as energy loss or even rot.

Custom Logo Branding & Print Options

Perma “R” Products has always been a leader in the industry when it comes to custom logo branding and print options. We not only offer to print your logo but can add a color band to make your logo pop!

ImageRoll WidthRoll LengthPermeabilityPallet QtyPriceQuantityAdd to CartWishlist ***
Roll Width: 9ftRoll Length: 100ftPermeability: Low PPallet Qty: 72rollsPrice: $99.00
Roll Width: 9ftRoll Length: 150ftPermeability: Low PPallet Qty: 50rollsPrice: $139.00
Roll Width: 9ftRoll Length: 100ftPermeability: High PPallet Qty: 72rollsPrice: $99.00
Roll Width: 9ftRoll Length: 150ftPermeability: High PPallet Qty: 50rollsPrice: $139.00

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