MFM Window Wrap Flex Flashing Tape

WindowWrap® Flex is a flexible, self-adhering waterproofing tape designed for curved window or door openings, as well as sealing building joints.

With proper application, WindowWrap® Flex will prevent water leaks, air and insect infiltration, and reduce noise. WindowWrap® Flex is a self adhered membrane consisting of a rubberized asphalt adhesive which is laminated to cross-laminated polyethylene crepe film. The crepe film allows WindowWrap® Flex to be stretched around arched windows, doorways and other popular curved shapes.

  • Cross-laminated polyethylene crepe film allows exceptional stretch and durability

  • Rubberized asphalt adhesive remains flexible over a wide temperature range

  • Adheres aggressively to plywood, OSB, masonry, aluminum, rigid vinyl, steel, drywall and house wrap

  • Impermeable to water vapor, moisture, insects and air

  • Self-seals around nails and other mechanical fasteners

  • Easy to remove release liner for quick installation

  • May be left exposed for 90 days

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Roll Width: 9inRoll Length: 50ftPrice: $74.00

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